How to Construct a Basement Bar on a Significant Price range

Are hunting to add a basement bar, but do not have the time and funds to engage in a significant renovation project? Roll up your sleeves a small bit, not a lot, and join me in these creative actions. With the assist of a tiny smoke and mirrors, you can place collectively a basement bar that just might win hearts.

Bring your tape measure and pad of paper down to the basement and produce a dimensional drawing. You should locate all of the key floor obstructions, such as the water heater or furnace, and record the dimensions of those locations accurately.

Paint out the whole ceiling including all pipes, conduits and so on. Use a flat white or matte black paint. You will be astonished at how great this looks. I will clarify how this ceiling basically disappears in a later step.

Paint the foundation walls with a waterproofing paint such as “Damplock by Seal Krete”. Your walls will appear wonderful when they are totally painted. A product like “Damplock” will tremendously reduce the quantity of humidity in the area and outright block modest cracks that are weeping water. You are on your way to a regular smelling area and not a musty basement smelling space.Most of these specialty paints only come in white. Even so, it is OK to best coat a waterproofing product such as “Damplock” with a latex paint of your color alternative.

Develop a great floor finish rapidly. Use a concrete acid stain product or concrete color epoxy sealer product. The downside to the acid stain, picture to the left, is that it does not supply a moisture barrier. So, only use the acid stain if you are totally confident your basement floor is dry year around. Once your epoxy or acid stain finish is complete. Go buying for a throw rug that covers some of the floor. The mixture among the throw rug and a colored concrete floor is frequently very striking.

Initiate the smoke screen procedure. The locations of the floor that include the unsightly obstructions are to be screened off. You have many screening possibilities: drapes, shoji screens, painted plywood and life size cardboard cut outs to name a few. Drapes are likely going to be the finest alternative aesthetically. But do not let me convince you, be creative!

OK, the shell of the space is in great form. Now you require to add the fixtures that make the area a bar. Initial, add a couple fluorescent strip lights to the ceiling, preferably hanging. This is genuinely the only step that calls for some technical skills and possibly the aid of a pro. You can add other sorts of lights, of course, but the fluorescent lights have the ability to make a painted ceiling disappear when they are the only supply of light in the area. If you do bring in an electrician, have her add an outlet if you don’t have an outlet in a great place for the kegerator.

Up coming bring in a piece of furniture that will function as the bar and bar leading. Have enjoyable with this step. You can modify furniture, acquire a thing utilized or order a thing on the web. You just need a no cost standing bar piece that you can stand behind and serve drinks whilst dodging kisses of admiring bar site visitors. Just appear at what Napolean place collectively in this picture! Ridiculous but irresistible.

Bring in the kegerator and lounge chairs and sofa. This has to be your last step otherwise you will by no means finish the project. Hey, have a excellent time with this area, wish I could see the completed project.

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